Access Advanced College of Economics was registered as College of Economics with CAC Reg. No: KD020539 in 2003. Having operated as the training arm of the Institute of Certified Economics (Now Institute of Chartered Economics Nigeria). To reposition the capacity and reach of the school,  The College of Economics was later upgraded to Access Advanced College of Economics of Nigeria (RC:-1371023) in 2016.

The college is duly registered to provide qualitative education for the teeming population in Nigeria and beyond; who would want to develop their career in the fields of Economics, Research and other related areas. The AACE for short, is still also the training arm of the respected Institute of Chartered Economists of Nigeria.

AACE is a college of it’s kind being the very first college of economics in Nigeria. The college is open to, and working towards collaborating with several tertiary Diploma and Degrees awarding institution in Nigeria and beyond. This is to  our intakes past and presentensure a robust learning career in Social Sciences and Management