Access Advanced College of Economics was registered as the College of Economics with CAC Reg. No: KD020539 in 2003. Haven operated as the training arm of the Institute of Certified Economics of Nigeria (now Institute of Chartered Economists Nigeria) for years. To reposition the college and to increase its standard and the desires of the public, The College of Economics was then upgraded to ‘Access Advanced College of Economics’ with RC 1371023 in 2016 as an Incorporated Private Economics University to award Diplomas and Higher Diplomas in the field of Social Sciences.

The college is duly registered to provide qualitative education for the teeming population in Nigeria and beyond; who would want to develop their career in the fields of Economics, Research, and other related areas. The AACE for short is still also the training arm of the respected Institute of Chartered Economists of Nigeria. AACE is the first of its kind, being the very first college of economics in Nigeria. The college is open to all and has collaborated with several tertiary Degrees awarding institutions in Nigeria and beyond. Our intakes, past, and present, received a robust learning career in Social Sciences and Management.

AACE is blessed with a seasoned professional and an academia par excellence whose passion and drive for continuous learning and development knows no bound. Prof. Christopher O. Balogun is an Accountant, Economist, Education Consultant, Diplomat, and a rare Entrepreneur. He is the Founder and Director General/CEO of The Institute of Charted Economists of Nigeria, Founder of The Institute of Charted Economists of Ghana. He is also the Founder and President/Chancellor of AACE. Prof. Balogun is a fellow and member of several Professional Institutions in Nigeria and outside Nigeria, a Fellow and Life Founder Member of the Association of Certified Commercial Diplomats, London, United Kingdom, and several others.