What is AACE?

Answer: AACE is an acronym for Access Advanced College of Economics.

Is AACE Government Approved?
Answer:  Yes. Access Advanced College of Economics was registered as College of Economics with CAC Reg. No: KD020539 in 2003. Having operated as the training arm of the Institute of Certified Economics (Now Institute of Chartered Economics Nigeria). To reposition the capacity and reach of the school, The College of Economics was later upgraded to Access Advanced College of Economics of Nigeria (RC:-1371023) in 2016.The college is duly registered to provide qualitative education for the teeming population in Nigeria and beyond; who would want to develop their career in the fields of Economics, Research and other related areas.

What courses and certificate are offered by AACE?

Answer: The AACE at the moment has a portfolio of the following courses and their accorded certificates.

  1. Professional Economics
  2. Professional Research/Statistics


  1. Higher Diploma in Economics (4 year Bsc. Conversion Programme)Higher Diploma in Research & Statistics ( 4 year Bsc. Conversion Programme)Postgraduate Diploma in i & ii above (9 Months)Masters Degree in i & ii above (18 Months)Doctor of Philosophy in i & ii above (4 Semester)

Can I use my Certificates to gain admission in Universities or Polytechnics?

Answer: Yes. You can. In fact most of our students have been given admissions in most Nigerian Universities upon meeting admission requirements

What is the requirement for admissions into AACE Diploma Programs?

Answer: Suitably, qualified candidates; who hopes to build their profession and become experts in Economics, Research, and Statistics  may apply to any of our Diploma or Higher Diploma Programs; having obtained a Five (5) Credits in Mathematics, English, Economics, Government (or History) and either of Agric., CRS., IRS or Geography. We welcome online applications as well as manual purchase of form from our College Office or any of the designated Centres around the country.

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Can I use an Awaiting Result to apply at AACE?

Answer:  Yes. Candidates may apply with an awaiting result from WAEC, NECO or any other recognized awarding examination awarding bodies. However, Candidates MUST produce their result before admittance into the program.

Can I pay my Tuition and Fees by Installment?

Answer: Yes. Students are encouraged to pay by two Installments, provided the installment intervals are within the same academic sessions.

Must I be a member of ICEN ( Institute of Chartered Economists of Nigeria) before I apply to AACE (Access Advanced College of Economics)?

Answer: While AACE is the training arm of ICEN, admittance into any of the AACE programs does not require ICEN membership. Meanwhile, Candidates who wants to fast-track their life’s career may apply for ICEN membership; it would rather be a plus to do so.

I am a graduate in other fields that is not related to Economics, would I be given admission to do my PGD Economics?

Answer: Yes. The PGDEconomics was designed to cater for graduates in other areas or field of endeavour other than economics; who would want to further their career in Economics , statistics, research, management or social sciences.

I got a Diploma from another college, can I apply for the AACE Higher Diploma Program?

Answer: Yes you may.

Is the College affiliated  with any University?

Answer: Yes. The College is being affiliated to POMA International Business University, Benin Republic and Oxford University of Namibia.

Can a graduate  of the college participate in NYSC mobilization?

Answer: Yes. Mobilization would be handled by affiliated universities.